Hi! I am launching my first book, ‘Any Other Mouth’, and I would be absolutely delighted if you come and join me.

‘Any Other Mouth’, published by Freight Books, is an interlinked short story collection that I’ve been working on for the last four years. Here’s the blurb off the back of the book:

‘How do you react when you discover your boyfriend is cheating on you with his dead grandma? Which lullaby helps you date two guys at once? What’s the best way to deface a doctor’s leaflet on bereavement? And what is this Borderline Personality Disorder people keep telling you about? In this revealing mix of fact and fiction, Anneliese Mackintosh takes her most intense formative experiences and reimagines them in these profound, playful and poignant tales. Any Other Mouth is a viciously funny, gut-wrenching and shockingly frank account of sexual misadventure, familial disintegration, loss, hope and self-discovery.’ (More here:!any-other-mouth/cg3d)

I’ll be reading from the book, along with doing a Q&A session, and there’ll also be readings from two of my favourite Scottish writers, and one of my favourite bands:

– Ewan Morrison is an award-winning author and screenwriter. He is the author of five novels and one short story collection. The feature film adaptation of his novel ‘Swung’ was filmed in 2013, produced by Sigma Films. In 2013 he became the winner of the SMIT Scottish Book of the Year Fiction Prize 2013 (for the novel ‘Close Your Eyes’). He is also winner of the Glenfiddich Writer of the Year Award 2103.

– Doug Johnstone is the author of six novels, most recently ‘The Dead Beat’ (Faber & Faber). His work has been an Amazon #1 bestseller, a Fiction Uncovered winner and a Goldsboro Last Laugh nominee. He’s also a journalist and musician, and is one of the co-founders of the Scotland Writers football team.

– Now Wakes the Sea are a lofi neo-psychedelic indie rock and/or roll three piece. They make experimental pop songs with old guitars, fuzz bass, crashing drums, vocal loops, and an old four track cassette deck. Debut full band album, ‘Bildungsroman’ is due for release on Edinburgh’s Mini50 Records on May 26th.

The event will be hosted by the extremely lovely and talented writer Helen Sedgwick, who edited my collection.

It would be really lovely to see you there.