We’re having a BIG HOGG-MANAY at MONO this year and it’s going to be a glitzy do full of madness and fun from three of Glasgow’s headiest groups.

BIG HOGG / @bighoggband
Hosting proceedings will be Glasgow’s premier prog, folk, psych, blues, rock & roll six piece BIG HOGG play Electric Music for the Mind and Body and will perform not one but TWO live sets on the eve of the new decade! Set one will feature original belters and set two will be a covers set of classic party bangers! Think Slade, Bowie all the good stuff!

SPACE ROCKET GARAGE BAND / Space Rocket Garage Band
Going in hard on the riffs and solos and full on wild abandon they jam out jazz metal like ADD kids on Sunny D! Terrorising rhythmical funk workouts which have a wee touch of The Monks, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, King Gizzard and even Glasgow’s own Kapput in their energy and shouty Glaswegian vocal pile up. SRGB’s name speaks for itself and it couldn’t be more fitting! They will truly rock yer New Year!

SLOTH METROPOLIS / Sloth Metropolis
A musical mythology & ongoing sloth-themed rock opera told in prog, psych, folk and paper mache. This electric violin led theatrical proggy ensemble are bringing a stories, a songs and music to jig yer way out of 2019!

A super crew of record enthusiasts will DJ throughout the night till 2am playing the kind of rock n roll magic to keep you jiving into the new year!

Early Bird Tickets £5 +BF till Dec 18th

£8 from the 18th December
£10 on the door