Chili & The Whalekillers + Bec Sandridge – Mono Cafe Bar
From the ever-avant-garde city of Vienna emerge Chili and the Whalekillers and their new uplifting indie
pop record “Turn”. They are an Icelandic-Austrian five-piece band loaded with an array of artfully crafted songs with considerable danceability. Musically, Chili and the Whalekillers can only be described as diverse: from Indie Pop, Folk, Pop Rock, Surf and even Dream Pop all coloured by retro sounding 60’s
psychedelia. Their genre crossing is as effortless as the changing of their multi instruments on stage, yet
there is a constant feeling of coherence, a shared spirit and substance.

Inspired by adventure and loss, Bec Sandridge‘s newly anticipated EP, WILD HEART, paints six tales decorated in nostalgia and wonder. As listeners we are guided throughout the streets of Los Angeles, New York and London by haunting yet sweet and catchy vocal melodies, majestic trumpet lines and shuffling drums and piano. Working with producers Mark Myers (The Middle East) and Tony Dupe (Holly Throsby), WILD HEART is a more mature and sure Bec Sandridge sound; we are welcomed in to listen to a secret. Though from the small sea-side town of Stanwell Park, NSW, at twenty-two, Sandridge has shared the stage with acts as varied as Half Moon Run, Husky, Passenger, Diesel, Rachel Sermanni, Andy Bull, Owl Eyes, Stu Larsen and Adalita (Magic Dirt) throughout the UK, US and Australia.

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