The Freakender crew promise us this show is not to be missed! DUDS back in Glasgow after selling out Sleazys in January. They band will be playing new music soon to be released and we’re itching to hear it.
Having grown out Manchester’s fertile DIY scene, we caught them a few times in Manchester and Glasgow and they instantly hooked us on their frantic, angular, jaggy post punk hits. With appearances at BBC 6 Music festival this year, a tour with Omni, several live sessions with Marc Riley BBC 6 music, 3 fantastic EPs and their debut album just released on Thee Oh Sees own Castle Face Records (the first UK band to do so) you don’t wanna miss them. You know the drill.
Don’t just take our word for it…
A tight, succinct 7 piece that is centred around sharp bursts of rhythmical energy. They hail from Manchester, UK, forming in early 2015 and have made steady and assured progress towards their current sound without sacrificing a continuing developing and experimentation in their music. Their songs, kaleidoscopic in their scope, comment on the human condition and arbitrary, often strange scenarios or themes. The forthcoming debut album has managed to deftly solidify the groups taut, muscular live sound into 12 distinctive songs. Veering from angular, sharp guitar infectiousness and bulldozing bass and drums, to more reflective and spaciously delicate art rock, ‘…Of Nature Or Degree’ is also peppered with flares of free jazz skronk and ruminates with a decimating post-punk minimalism that unequivocally shows DUDS perfectly pitched clarity in their sound and their vision, managing to focus these competing sonic influences into a deadly cohesive long player.
– David Mclean (Tombed Visions Records)
‘You kind of know where you are (in a good way) with a band name like Duds, self-effacing in the the way only the British can be. Lacking even the qualification of the definite article! Musically they don’t disappoint either. Lead-off track ‘No Remark’ from their latest EP Wet Reduction has an element to it that doesn’t quite qualify as music (in all the right ways) a bit atonal, in some rhythm that’s not 4/4 but is somehow some kind of pop from another dimension.’
– Colin Newman (Wire)
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