We’re (Freakender) very excited to bring Mark Sultan/BBQ back to Glasgow again after the “beast from the east” almost snowed out the last show earlier this year! Red hot rock n roll prevailed and the show went on and we’ve been big fans for a long time, from his solo stuff to his work with The King Khan and BBQ Show, The Almighty Defenders (with Black Lips) and Spaceshits! What a voice! Don’t miss out! Friday night! Come down and let your head bop and your hips swing!
Support from The Raptors + tbc

Mark Sultan is BBQ. And BBQ is Mark Sultan is BBQ. Get it? Good.
The Man With The Golden Voice is back again. He started with the unfortunate moniker (BBQ) in 2000, playing shows as a one-man band at parties and for friends, releasing a few 45s and a couple of LPs in the US and in Europe.

Deep in the forest outside of Berlin, one of rock ’n’ roll’s most under the radar yet omnipresent figures is putting the finishing touches on his latest solo record, but in fact traces of Mark Sultan can be found around the world. Cosigned by celebrated labels In The Red, Last Gang, Crypt, Fat Possum, Dirtnap, Goner, Sub Pop, Vice, Bomp!, Norton, Sympathy For The Record Industry, and Wick (Daptone Records), you’re bound to have come across something with Sultan’s name on it, where over the course of multiple decades he’s compiled an insane discography built from the strength of multiple albums, side projects and top-shelf solo efforts, always with a strong deposition towards taking classic garage-rock sounds and contorting them in experimental and twisted new ways. For this most recent effort, written, recorded and produced in his own Personal Imperfection studio in Germany, Sultan once again ups the ante, working to implement a full band and fully fleshed out instrumentation. Still encompassing the ethos of individuality and charisma that has lent him a sound that has transcended any era by which you might try to nail him down, it may be his most cohesive statement yet.

Earning the respect of legends like Jon Spencer and Bradford Cox alongside his past work with King Khan and the Black Lips, Sultan “doesn’t simply revive old sounds and old excitements; he ingests them, digests them, and regurgitates them as something new and personal” (Pitchfork).

“…a criminally under appreciated garage rock cult hero who puts on a one-man-band live show so sincerely passionate that he makes most primitive rock ’n’ roll revivalists look like cynical imposters….anyone who believes in him needs to pick up this one-take improvised stream-of-consciousness limited-edition live album…deranged but brilliant”- NOW Toronto

“…There’s a powerful, surprisingly complicated interplay of emotional currents in these songs, so that even in the most overt party anthems have a raw and wounded underbelly. That’s probably what makes them interesting, in a way that most 1960s-referencing garage rock is not. Mark Sultan breathes fire into genres that, in most hands, only gather dust. He’s learned to embrace his anger, and if that doesn’t save rock ‘n’ roll, it does at least make for a gripping take on it.”- Dusted Magazine

“The best one man band alive. If you don’t believe me, watch him perform. It is absolutely otherworldly and will blow your mind.”- London Times

Here are some solo links for your perusal. There are many, many links.
BELIEVE ME 45 b-side
AGITATED (from the upcoming BBQ LP, ‘Mark Sultan’):
ROCK ME (from the upcoming BBQ LP, ‘Mark Sultan’):
YOU TO BE MINE (from BBQ LP, ‘Mark Sultan’)
TORONTO TV (a performance of ‘I am The End’):