With their new album ‘Interview Music’ due out April 5th, we’re thrilled to announce that Idlewild will be doing a free acoustic instore for us on Monday April 8th at 5:30pm. We’ll have signed copies of the album for sale, come down after work and hang out!

Having taken a break in 2010 (the previous fifteen years seeing them turn from raucous cult curiosity to chart bothering national treasures) Friendship and the bind of their creativity brought Idlewild back together for 2015’s Everything Ever Written. With it, came critical praise, an album in the top 20, and the band selling out venues as large as they ever had.
With new members Luciano Rossi and Andrew Mitchell on board, Roddy Woomble, guitarist Rod Jones and drummer Colin Newton felt a renewed sense of purpose. So much so that
the week that Everything Ever Written was released, they were already back at the drawing board to start work on what would become the bold step sidewards, forthcoming album Interview Music.