Late start feel good sit down heavy listening/viewing after hours party. Very relaxed and informal night of good sounds and timessss.

Jon Collin

Jon Collin is the proprietor of Winebox Press – a UK company that makes some of the most incredible hand-wrought cassette packages ever… Winebox also puts out certain releases in “trade” editions, and Collin’s High Peak Selections LP is one of the first. Acoustic string improvs of great abstraction, clanger and depth, recalling a certain vibe that Loren Connors once called his own, although there’s no aping here. Lots of dizzy inventions of clustered strings that manage to maintain a certain melodic beauty for all their weirdness. There are even bits of wobbled slide and sustain that recall Fahey at his loosest. Totally boss. (Byron Coley, Arthur Magazine)

“This spine-tingling album by Jon Collin is six-string primitivism taken to a whole other level of wildness and intuition.” – Derek Walmsley, The Wire

“Across the four tracks on his second LP, Jon Collin reiterates his interest in mining the emotional potential of the guitar, utilising a vast grasp of the capabilities of the instrument… His grasp on the relationship between the resonant qualities of the hollow-bodied guitar and the wails of feedback and reverberation produced by the amplifier is extraordinary.” – Matt Krefting, The Wire

Kiran Leonard

“Playing sad scrappy songs for voice and electric guitar since c 2012, out on travels again in aide of a new cassette called “a bit of violence with these old engines” (boira discos). a mixture of home recordings and documents from overseas, recorded in an aimless period of interminable language barriers. molt mal està tot. words and moans featured in the guardian, the quietus, bbc 6. will drone for cash.”

Jessica Higgins

“Do you want it bolder?

In foresight and hindsight

the afterthought of O O O

for sure, for sure

Don’t you want it colder?

a virile flight

the ploy of all —

tigers in the pockets

violent enclosures O for shame

Do you want it bolder?

the pictures & the pictures & the picture

windows, perpetuate lividity

my deference, my resonance

a new order O

I’m heavily invested in all things i don’t know”