Late start, relaxed atmospheres and top notch class acts with:
Mike Donovan
Drag City recording artist Mike Donovan is swinging by to play a few gigs on his bill mid touring with his pal Ty Segal.
You will have seen him perform previously and not previously with other top notch class act groups Sic Alps and Peacers. 
His new record How to Get Your Record Play in Shops is out on 20th of Aril via Drag City and it is off the chayayayayayayayan.

Irma Vep
“…Its apparent Stevens is talented – he couldn’t really be five albums deep if he wasn’t – but talented in a smarmy, ‘let me masturbate into your ear for 42 minutes’ way….”

****Please note our kitchen will close for this event. Our last food orders will be taken at 6pm. Thank you****