In this new collaboration between Mono and Funnel Music we bring you a mid-monthly, midweek live gig featuring a special headlining local artist alongside a Funnel Music touring act and a local newcomer fresh to us. Keep the 3rd Wednesday of every month free and watch this space for some really great nights of live music.

First up it’s…

Long-running UK experimental musician Richard Youngs is a British musician with a prolific and diverse output, including many collaborations. Richard runs No Fans Records, having previously run Jabberwok Records & Cassettes. Richard has graced our stage a number of times over our 16 years, most recently with the cosmic disco hedonists AMOR. We’re honoured to host this headline show for one of Glasgow’s most notable musicians.

MICHAEL CLARK (Funnel Music):
London based singer songwriter Michael Clark’s mesmerically haunting songs recall the simplicity of Elliot Smith, Pink Moon era Nick Drake and even elements of his father, Gavin Clark’s (Clayhill, Sunhouse) work. With a deftness of touch his beautiful, transcendent folk is a pure joy to witness.

Raw and utterly transfixing Beldina Odenyo Onassis AKA Heir of The Cursed’s music journeys through her Kenyan roots to her Scottish residency, across the realms of jazz, blues and folk. Her stark and intricate guitar work is celestial and her soulful and dreamy vocals tell stories of openness and honesty which have the unique ability to make a room stand still.

Tickets are available from Monorail in person and Tickets Scotland online.

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