Mono presents: An evening with Kría and Ryan

Mono is pleased to present a rare evening of performance by Kría Brekkan and Ryan Erskine
– featuring vocalist Kría (Kristín Anna) formerly of múm.

Come down and enjoy this free performance on a Monday winter’s night.

Doors 8pm
performance 9pm approx
Free entry

Ryan Erskine is a musician born in Long Beach California, so really, a gangster surfer off screen movie star, native american cowboy, appearing as a witch doctor shaman medicine man full of insight about nutrition and herbal healing, in essence a desert boy, having spent most of his twenties growing in Joshua Tree desert.  As such, Ryan shows up in Alison Ander´s filmStrutter, as himself and a son of Molly, played by Victoria Williams.   For the last few years he´s been apart “The Sunday Band” the houseband of California´s legendary outpost  Pappy and Harriets, located on an old western-movie set called Pioneertown.  Ryan is renowned locally as  Joshua Tree´s Angel with the Nightingale voice, cause he strums guitar, writes the sweetest songs, and uh sings like a…..

Kría Brekkan is a name once given to Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir when she would appear to a poet to be from a mystery book, rubber boots, flower skirt and a dagger in hand, about to sail a boat towards the solution of it all.  Krístín Anna´s voyage through the world on the carriage of music started when she and her twin sister became a member of the band múm back in 1998.

Little later the twins kicked back at a soccer-ball game being played by team Belle and Sebastian and quick to join them, soon found themselves on the cover of the bands record “Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant” .

Folded or unfolded, Gyða left the mum crusade to concentrate on her cello studies but Kristín Anna kept on going till year 2006. By that time she was rocking hard on accordion with Bulgarian folk music metal example  Stórsveit Nix Notles, playing with Avey Tare and Animal Collective, Mice Parade and Slowblow, and appearing for the first time alone on stage, under the name of her mystery solving alter self,  Kría Brekkan.   Since Kría has become more and more just a performer, of music and art.  Kría has mostly taking place in New York and Reykjavík, but recently been appearing the very appraised video art piece, by Ragnar KjartanssonThe Visitors, now traveling the world.

In the spring 2013 Kría was invited for a week to Joshua Tree desert, California, to record an album for a new label called Women Work.  After the week of hiking the national park and working on improvisational vocal recordings inspired by the surrounding, she extended her trip in order to staying alone in the desert for ten more days, imbuing herself in her work.

Hot from desert sun, people thirsty from isolation, she went to town and ran into Ryan Erskine, a young man who she had seen once before, shortly after her arrival, outside the local cafe grooving music with some locals.  He was working in the cafe when she asked, “do you  know of any music playing in town?”  Ryan told her he happened to be playing on his friends theatrical radio show that night, that welcomes listeners in the recording room.  So she showed up, and after the show was over, people started jamming. Litle later the two birds found themselves singing together anytime they found it possible to meet up. Mostly at the land of they´re soul´s godmother, America´s legendary; Victorian Williams.

The couple of weeks extended to couple of months, and finally Kría had found something she´d always dreamt of;  a musical soul friends who´s contact with would make her voice sing in such a way that she became just a listener to the weaving of the universe, connecting people through resonance, melody and motion.

The couple starred for three weeks as refugees at “The Colony”, an exhibition at MOMA- PS1 in New York in the summer of 2013.  They have since performed “Love Bombs”, nights of music in Reykjavik, where they play, individually and together, heartfelt songs by themselves and others.

Come, feel it!