Another weekend, another Saturday night down at Mono with the freshest new bands in the city. Coming upโ€ฆ
You can never really be prepared for a Banana Oil show and we like it that way. Starting out around two years ago the group launched themselves full pelt into Glasgow’s DIY music community where they are less than strangers. The BO’s feature Niall Morris (Sham Gate, Lylo) on bass guitar and Joe Howe (Joe Howe, Ben Butler & Mousepad, Gay Against You) on tenor saxophone and keys, and Laurie Pitt (Golden Teacher, Modern Institute,) on drums. Utilising their supreme musicianshipย they play a scrappier take on the contemporary jazz with humour and a baffling Monks-esque take on the avant guard. This is serious fun though so expect post punk, jazz skronk, rigorous funk & vivid prog with madcap antics and an unconventional dress code.

“From Zappa’s sexist ruins, Banana Oil salvage a wiggy tunefulness and playful sense of structure, channelling it all through the no wave jazz of James Chance and The Lounge Lizards” – The List

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