Another weekend, another Saturday night down at Mono with the freshest new bands in the city. Coming up…


Who want’s a twee mess of jangle pop and gay-rage rock? Cop Graveyard’s songs are under three minutes long so your in and out with a tune in your head and the best of indie ticked.

Cop Graveyard AKA Eliot Humphreys has been recording and releasing music on bandcamp since 2014. His back catalogue consists of around 15 releases of EPs, singles and a one 30 track album! In this vast discography you’ll find absolute gems from unfinished, scrappy demos and covers of Sandy G and Sum 41 all recorded on iPhone, a cassette karaoke boombox, an in-built Macbook and other DIY alternatives to a studio. Eliot say’s of these expansive EPs “I was cobbling together songs and piling them up in some sort of ‘garbage dump’ of demos, to be re-used in the future” Check out ‘Seinor Mom Is Rock’ and latest EP ‘Can’t Go Straight’ for the full Cop Graveyard live sound.

Cop Graveyard make beautifully shambolic indie music with big emotional, heart and mind on sleeve lyrics about place, love and isolation.

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