Peter Cat is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist from Glasgow, Scotland, who has been making lyrical, ornamental pop music in this guise since 2015 while dressed like that mildly attractive supply teacher you once had for Higher Geography. His wryly humorous, studiously crafted songs are as likely to appeal to fans of The Divine Comedy, John Grant and XTC as they are to disappoint anyone looking for a comprehensive explanation of glacial erosion.

Named ‘Artist of the Week’ by The Scotsman on the strength of their early singles, Peter Cat’s debut collection of songs, plays well with others, was released exclusively on cassette through boutique tape label Ice Cream For Crow Records in June, and was followed by an extensive summer tour of the UK.

Peter Cat’s debut single ‘Keeping Up With Jacob’ was described by The Morning Star as “a jaunty, light-hearted trip through the familiarly twinned emotions of admiration and envy…sung at such a speed and with barely a pause for breath that’s reminiscent of early Scott Walker.” And The Morning Star are the only nationally-syndicated socialist daily paper in the world, so they must be right.

Peter Cat will be joined at Mono by a specially assembled live band featuring current and former members of HALFRICAN, SLOWLIGHT and COP GRAVEYARD

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