Unfortunately, due to ill-health, this event has been cancelled.

Monorail issued the following statement:

“As you may have heard by now, the Pierced Arrows have cancelled all touring commitments due to ill-health. This event was a labour of love for all involved and obviously we’re hugely dissappointed, as are the band, that this cannot happen, but there are more important things to consider here.Our thoughts are with Fred, Toody, Kelly and all close to the great man. We’d like to wish the toughest guy in rock all the best with the operation and a speedy recovery. Meantime, we have to collect our thoughts, speak to Glasgow International our funders and see what can be done with regards to the event. Please bear with us. R’n’R!”

The following event will still be taking place, and Monorail is in the process of putting together a free night in The Old Hairdressers on Friday 4th April, in honour of Fred & Toody Cole’s music. More info to follow. R’n’R!

Sat 12th April | 1pm | GFT
Monorail Music & GI present Unknown Passage: The DEAD MOON Story + FREE 7″

UK premiere of Magic Umbrella’s film, Unknown Passage: The Dead Moon Story.

Charting Fred Cole’s self-determined career from the early 1960s playing alongside Janis Joplin, The Doors and Buffalo Springfield to 80s punk and garage bands with wife Toody on bass, Unknown Passage is both a rock ‘n’ roll documentary and a love story. Now grandparents in their mid 60s and married for over forty years the Coles enjoy cult status across the world for their affecting music and inspiring, pioneering D.I.Y. attitude.

All tickets £5. Attendees will receive an exclusive, FREE Pierced Arrows 7″ specially commissioned by Monorail Music & GI.

Introduced by Brian Hogg, writer, archivist and the man credited with publishing Scotland’s first punk fanzine, Bam Balam.

Unfortunately the Q&A with Fred and Toody Cole has been cancelled.

Supported by Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art.