Music of the Spheres and Glasgow Opera Collective presents: ACIS & GALATEA

This is the first collaboration between Music of the Spheres and Glasgow Opera Collective. The production, in original cannons version, has drawn from the huge pool of talent that Glasgow students have to offer, collaborating with many up and coming names within the city’s arts

The aim of this production is to give people the opportunity of experiencing the beauty of classical music within a popular and familiar setting. Whilst true to Handel’s original performance style, this modern production of Acis and Galatea looks to bring together the classical and the contemporary. With Scotland’s leading director of baroque music, John Butt, leading a period instrument ensemble, and immersive action it’s going to be an evening not to be missed.

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Acis and Galatea, Handel’s baroque opera, comes to Glasgow this November in an original production and setting. Immersed within a story of mortality and love, the production moves between the opera itself and the personal lives of its performers.

Jacob, an ex-opera singer, is dragged to the pub by Stevie, an old friend. An old friend with a motive. With a new production of Acis and Galatea in the works, who better to ask for a drink than Jacob? For him it’s the perfect opportunity for a comeback performance. Only, it looks like Stevie (and maybe some other friends from the past) are going to have to work hard to convince Jacob he still has what it takes to perform. What better place to start than right now in the pub?

Production Team

Director and Co Producer: Harriet Bolwell
Music Director: John Butt
Assistant Music Director and Co Producer: Sam Carl
Co Producer: Andrew Mikkelsen


Jacob/Acis: Kenneth Reid
Stevie/Damon: Christian Schneeberger
Louise/Galatea: Fiona Wilkie
Mark/Polyphemus: Sam Carl
Greg/Corridon: Kieran White


twitter: @acisandgalateaglasgow
instagram: acisandgalatea