We are excited to have Project Ability exhibiting with us once again! There will be a brilliant selection of artworks on display throughout the festive period into the New Year.


Project Ability is a Glasgow-based visual arts organisation with an international reputation for excellence. PA create opportunities for people with disabilities and people with mental health issues, aged 5 years to 80 plus, to express themselves and achieve artistic excellence. Every year in November we invite the good people at PA to exhibit new work on our walls throughout the cold, dark winter months and every year the exhibit does wonders for the winter blues.

Opening event on November 9th from 7-9pm… all welcome!

Dates: 10 November – 14 January

Exhibiting artists:
Ross Agnew, Andrew Boyle, John Cocozza, Doreen Kay, Sandra Ormiston, James Pert, Scott Smith, Jacqui Smyth and Andrew Young.