What is a Pronto Mama’s Beatnik Retreat?

In a word, dig. In a few sentences it is a literary event on the last Sunday of every month in Glasgow’s Mono café, hosted by various members from the group Pronto Mama. It is a space for fledging and established artists, whether a poet, author or musician to perform in front of an attentive and like-minded audience. A guest literary speaker and musician provides the foundation of the night with the format and theme rotating month to month. As well as entertainment it also allows artists to gather and discuss current affairs, the aim being that once every few months we invite two artists with opposing opinions, definitely not politicians, to come in and have a discussion on a topics ranging from politics to the creative process to whether they think biting your finger nails is morally reprehensible. The topic may already be decided on or we may have a “Topic Wheel”, depending on the circumstances and indeed the versatility of the artists involved. In a word, dig. It’s a platform for creatives to come and share their work and most importantly have a fucking laugh for fucksake.