Into the New 2020 festival culminates in a performative celebration as we launch ReCollection, a performance zine featuring contributions from CPP graduates, staff and students marking the 21st year of the Contemporary Performance Practice programme. The zine, which invited submissions recollecting on significant moments and artistic influences from the past 21 years, is presented as an invitation for creating new works that will come to life at this performance party through a night of impromptu performance and dancing. Join us as we raise a glass, turn a page and offer new art, new ideas and new questions in recognition of that which has come before and that which is yet to come.

Performative responses
Extracts from the zine
Music from the lovely Telford

The festival producers would like to thank Dr Laura Bissell and the RCS Knowledge & Exchange Department for their support in realising this zine. The zine has been designed and printed by Good Press: Sunday Print Service with support from the Atheneum Award.