World Service Project
WorldService Project have been quietly achieving many exciting projects over the last few years; a 35 date tour of the USA across 17 states, appearances at some of Europe’s most thrilling festivals (Ljubljana, Umea, Tampere, Jazz sur son 31 to name a few) and most recently a huge tour of China, visiting reknowned clubs and festivals in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Oh, as well as launching the European touring network/festival Match&Fuse and performing 150 other gigs across another 12 countries
WSP are about to release their highly anticipated third album, ‘For King and Country’ on Rare Noise Records, April 2016. This year they will be presenting new material with Chris Sharkey as a guest, who produced the new album.

Thunkfish are the sole entity at the forefront of the not-quite nascent PTHRONK scene. They are a tight, yet unpredictable blend of jazz, punk, thrash, prog and funk, with influences from Headhunters to Metallica: One moment head-nodding, infectious grooves, escalating to mosh-pit intensity, one minute rhythmically ambiguous and expansive.