Really happy to announce a special event we have next Sunday, 10 May at 5pm. Richard King is reading from his new book, Original Rockers and in conversation with Stephen Pastel. Record selection by JD Twitch.

Richard King, author of How Soon Is Now?, instigator of the brilliant Bristol-based label, Planet Records (Movietone, Flying Saucer Attack, Crescent, Third Eye Foundation), contributor to Domino, Loops and Faber & Faber is a long-term friend of Monorail Music.

Original Rockers offers a wry perspective on a very different kind of record shop, Revolver Records, where Richar Kings Court d worked in the 1990s, right in the middle of a Bristol music scene which freely mixed up punk, funk, reggae, jazz, hip-hop and just about everything else. There’s enthusiasm, the thrill of discovering great music and an amazing collection of peripheral participants including everyone from The Pop Group to The Wild Bunch to indie kids like Clare and Matt, then just starting out with Sarah Records. In this kind of heady environment, Revolver should have thrived but its survival for a good number of years was actually a bit of a triumph given a resolutely old-school owner, Roger Doughty, who was famously over-opinionated and loud, against credit card machines, compact discs and indeed a fair amount of his customers.

Richard’s book is brilliantly evocative of a disappeared world, his writing both tender and incisive, bound to be on many end of year lists.…/original-rockers-richard-king-