Since Glasgow’s prodigious talent burst onto the scene with his highly acclaimed debut full-length, C Duncan has blossomed into a fully accomplished live artist. If the Mercury nominated ͚Architect͛ made the music world sit up, it’s 2016 follow up pushed his trademark layered production even further. ’The Midnight Sun’ was inspired by the lurching intensity of The Twilight Zone but also shared the melancholy indie atmospherics of Cocteau Twins, Stereolab, Broadcast and Air. Blending electronic elements and sweeping synth sounds with hushed vocals and dreamy instrumentation, it won huge praise from the likes of The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Mojo, Uncut and The Quietus. Having fast-tracked from playing basement venues alone to selling out 900 cap venues within a year, C Duncan͛s live show has come along leaps and bounds. Now flanked by a four-piece band, they provide a fitting backdrop of spacey ambient sounds, with Duncan’s vocals taking on an elegiac, choral quality over soft arpeggiated synthesisers. The Times call it a ‘masterclass in polished, even-tempered, impeccably manicured folktronica.’