Synergy Concerts present Luke Abbott with special guests Rival Consoles and Dam Mantle at Mono this Summer.

Luke will perform songs from his forthcoming album ‘Wysing Forest’ to be released by James Holdens Border Community label.

You can listen to ‘Amphis’ right now:

via Resident Advisor:
Wysing Forest arrives four years on from Abbott’s debut LP, Holkham Drones, which RA’s Derek Miller described as “a soundtrack worthy of summer’s close fade.” This new record will also land in the summer months—it’s due out June 23rd—though Abbott says it was recorded in winter “in the middle of the countryside [with] no mobile phone reception and limited internet access.”

Wysing Forest is named after the Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire, where Abbott recorded the album over a six-week period in 2012 while he was the centre’s musician-in-residence. “The record is mostly made up of live recordings,” says Abbott. “Some were recorded at a performance at Wysing in front of a very small audience and some were recorded in a temporary studio I had set up during my residency.”

He adds: “There was a large emphasis on improvisation during the whole process. A lot of what has ended up on the record was originally recorded as first-takes or sketches of ideas.” Abbott says he was listening to lots of spiritual jazz by the likes of Don Cherry and Alice Coltrane during the recording process, and suggests the finished product “has a very particular arc to it and the tracks only really make sense in the context of that arc.” He goes on to describe the sound of Wysing Forest as “like the second-cousin of dance music. Once removed. You can dance to it if you want, but you don’t have to.”