The Notwist biography:

The Notwist emerged from their famed Weilheim roots almost 20 years ago. Back in 1989 their sound was fuelled by a visceral sonic aesthetic more readily associated with hardcore Metal than with the musically diverse, widescreen productions that made their 2002 album “Neon Golden” their biggest commercial and critical success to date.

In the intervening years members of The Notwist have been involved with quite a number of exceptional bands, including Lali Puna, Console, MS John Soda, 13 & God and The Tied & Tickled Trio. In the midst of all of this activity, The Notwist have also toured the world, established a record label, started families, developed their interests in a widening circle of musical styles, and acquired the kind of stature and following that belies their origins deep in the woodlands of Bavaria.

The Notwist make music that is at once impossibly personal and hugely inviting, formed by a kind of alchemy that isnʼt hurried by convention or deadline.