“For inside us we all have a light, and it’s maybe the very thing that we have been taught
to be most ashamed of
And when you have a light, do you hide it in a closet?
No! you bring it out into the open where everyone can see it
And be glad it exists to shine in the world.”
The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven, Jo Clifford 2009

Haus of Gay
Stella // Adam Kashmiry

Jo Clifford

Sadie Godiva

Hope London

Theo Seddon

Hosted by Queeresa Gay

£5 otd

As part of Queen Jesus 10th anniversary mini-season celebrating Jo Clifford’s seminal play which premiered at the Tron in 2009 to much controversy. In the years since it has toured globally and inspired a Brazilian production that is at the epicentre of the country’s struggle for queer rights.

Accessibility: Mono is a ground-floor accessible venue. Toilets will be gender neutral and a safe space policy will be in place. Please get in touch with Queer Theory or Mono if you have any questions!