Occasional supergroup The Rutles – led by ex-Bonzo NEIL INNES and drummer JOHN HALSEY return in May 2019 for a short series of UK dates.

Widely known as the Pre Fab Four, The Rutles first arrived on our screens in 1975 via a sketch on Eric Idle’s BBC television series RUTLAND WEEKEND TELEVISION. It featured Neil Innes (Monty Python songwriter and ex-Bonzo Dog Band founding member) fronting the band singing I Must Be In Love. Three years later, the groundbreaaking movie, All You Need Is Cash, Expanded the satire and featured guest appearances by George Harrison, Mick Jagger, Bill Murray, Michael Palin, John Belushi, Dan Ackroyd, and many more. As a peer of The Beatles in the 1960s (The Bonzos appeared in the Magical Mystery Tour film and Paul McCartney produced a single for them), Neil Innes is well qualified to satirise the Fab Four. With the exception of Eric Idle, each of the four Rutles ( including drummer John Halsy AKA Barry WOM ) played their own instruments as well as acting in the film. In fact few people realise That Halsy is a Rock icon in his own right, having drummed on many classic albums, including Lou Reed,s Transformer, featuring the classic Walk ON THE Wild Side. Expect a full evenings entertainment, featuring all the classic songs including I Must Be In Love, Cheese And Onions, Piggy in the Middle, With a Girl Like You and of course Get Up and Go.

In 2019

The Rutles are;

John Halsey {aka Barry Wom } Vocals / Drums

Jay Goodrich Vocals / Bass

Ken Thornton Vocals / Guitar

Phil Jackson Vocals / Keyboards

Neil Innes { aka Ron Nasty } Vocals /Guitar / Banjo / Ukulele / Keyboards