The Second Hand Marching Band – ‘A Hurricaine, a Thunderstorm’ – Album Launch

The Second Hand Marching Band play their debut album for the first time. Support comes from RM Hubbert and Withered Hand who will play their own songs in collaboration with The Second Hand Marching Band!

£6 advance


“Our album has been a four year long quest to produce a recording independently. We did our own playing, singing, recording, studio building, mic purchasing, mixing, mastering and production.

This album has 20 instruments on it, six different singers, and on some songs 71 tracks of stuff. Woah.

We hope you like it.

This album features:

Peter Liddle (singing, horn, banjo, guitar, dulcimer)
Sophie Sexon (singing, flute)
David McLintock (Ukulele, singing)
Rowan Smith (Ukulele, singing, drums)
Liam Greenshaw (Accordion, singing, drums)
Jen Livingstone (Glock, singing)
Fraser Hughes (Bass)
Jef Sinclair (Clarinet, singing)
Alistair Beith (singing, guitar)
Alasdair MacKenzie (Saxophone, singing)
Andy Bonar (Violin, singing)
Rich Merchant (Cornet, trumpet, singing)
Ross McCrae (trombone, singing)
Sophie Leckenby (drums)
Ryan Breckenridge (mandolin)
Stoo Alexander (singing, melodica)”