Wigilia is an alternative Christmas movie for people who like their film, and their music, a bit more indie. The film stars Iwona Glowinska, from the band Featherwest, and co-stars Duglas T. Stewart, founder of BMX Bandits – Glasgow musical icons and Kurt Cobain’s other favourite band.

Wigilia is the name of a Polish feast eaten on Christmas Eve. Traditionally, it includes an extra place at the table should an unknown wandering pilgrim arrive. When Agata, a Polish cleaner stranded in Glasgow for Christmas prepares her Wigilia in a clients house, she could not have expected the pilgrim that would arrive at her table. Nor could she expect everything he’d do for her.

The film is written, produced and directed by award-winning film-maker Graham Drysdale, whose short films have swooped awards on the American festival circuit. Grant McPhee, Producer of Big Gold Dream and Teenage Superstars, and Steven Moore, from Not Another Happy Ending and Outlander, also produced. The film is written by Graham, Duglas and Iwona. It features an original song written Duglas and Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), with the lyrics by Duglas, as well as a scrore by Jim Harbourne. The film was supported by Scottish microbudget project Tartan Features.

Join us to celebrate Christmas EU-style, with a mashup of Polish and Scottish culture. This is Wigilia’s first public screening.

It promises to be a night to remember with:

– Film screening in the independent GMAC cinema room

– Q&A with Duglas, Iwona and Graham

– Afterparty at MONO, with a live music set by Duglas T. Stewart and friends, and a cappella carols by Iwona

– Additional special guests likely to be added at the last minute

– Free Tunnocks tea cakes for everyone


6:00 Doors

6:30 Wigilia film screening + Q&A @ GMAC, Trongate 103, Glasgow

8:30 Wigilia afterparty @ MONO, King St, Glasgow – live music from Duglas and Iwona, with alternative Christmas carols and surprise extras.

Space is limited, so book your tickets now.