During the miners’ strike of 1984-85 there was a great sense of solidarity and warmth toward
the miners, their families and communities: so too a sense of powerlessness and deepening
frustration among the general public in opposition to the authorities. One way artists in Scotland
demonstrated solidarity was by staging five events known as “Writers for Miners”. Three took
place in Glasgow and two in Edinburgh. In Glasgow the events were recorded. A selection of
songs and poetry to be produced as a CD album. It never happened. Until now!

Those days may have gone but solidarity and comradeship haven’t. All proceeds from the sale
of the Writers for Miners album go to the Spirit of Revolt (S.O.R.) Archive, in appreciation of
the crucial work carried out by the S.O.R. volunteers in the preservation of radical history.
Perhaps one day they will have premises of their own. Check out the archive on
http://spiritofrevolt.info/audio-video/ .
Many of the original performers hope to be there on the night: including Ewan McVicar, Tom
Leonard, Anne Thomson, Peter Nardini, Donald Saunders, James Kelman, Nancy Nicolson,
Allan Tall, Alasdair Gray, Liz Lochhead, Carl MacDougall. A couple of younger writers will be
there in support, reading poems by those of us no longer around. Check for updates.